European Courts in a Globalized World

PALATIUM/CHAM meeting, 7-8 November 2013. Palácio Fronteira, Lisbon, Portugal


Thursday, 7 Nov

11.00 – Welcome remarks

Displaying the world at court

11.30 – Roberta Piccinelli, University of Teramo, Italy: “…With news and curiosities for the pleasure of friends…”: Orazio Roberto Pucci’s travel journals discovering the exotic

12.00 – Juliette Roding, Leiden University, The Netherlands: The contribution of Karel van Mander III and Cornelis Norbertus Gijsbrechtsto the establishment of the Museum Regiumin Copenhagen (1665)

12.30 – Maria Barreto Dávila, [CHAM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal]: The exotic in the household of the Infanta Dona Beatriz (Portugal, fifteenth century)

13.00 – René Lommez Gomes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil: Mathijs van Ceulen and the Fruits of Brazil – collecting and exhibiting New World objects in Recife and Amsterdam

13.30 – Lunch break


15.00 – Tamar Cholcman, Tel Aviv University, Israel: ‘A world picture’: The upside-down world of the New World

15.30 – Milton Pacheco, [CHAM, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal]: Celebrating empire: Portuguese possessions at the royal entry of Philip I in Lisbon (1581)

16.00 – Coffee break

16.30 – Maria João Ferreira, CHAM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal: Chinese textiles in Portuguese royal festivals: the christening of a princess in Lisbon (1669)

17.00 – Jorge Fernández-Santos, Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, Spain: Representing Imperio c. 1700: Allegories of imperial Spain in the transition from Habsburg to Bourbon kingship

Friday, 8 Nov

Objects with agency

10.00 – Sabine du Crest, Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3, France: Boundary spaces: the fictional display of extra-European objects in seventeenth-century. European palace decoration.

10.30 – Leah R. Clark, The Open University, UK: Collecting and cross-cultural exchange in the Italian courts

11.00 – Coffee break

11.30 – Samuel Morrison Gallacher, [IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy]: Displaying exotic gifts in sixteenth-century Grand Ducal Florence

12.00 – Ivo Raband, [Institute of Art History, University of Berne, Switzerland]: The archduke and the exotic: The collecting ambitions of archduke Ernest of Austria in Brussels

12.30 – Lunch break

At Europe’s doors

14.00 – Charlotte Colding Smith, Independant scholar, Australia: Turcica and Ottoman objects in sixteenth-century collections of the German-speaking world

14.30 – Tomasz Grusiecki, [McGill University, Montréal, Canada]: Homecoming of the exotic: oriental rugs at the Vasa courts in Poland-Lithuania (1587-1668)

15.00 – N. Zeynep Yelçe, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey: The ‘Exalted Throne’ of the Ottomans at Buda’s royal palace

15.30 – Coffee break


Mirror images

16.00 – Isabel Soares de Albergaria, CHAM, Universidade dos Açores, Portugal: The Remédios Palace and the role of the purveyor of the armadas: Luxury and everyday objects from the overseas empire

16.30 – Ronan Bouttier, [Université Paris-Sorbonne – Paris IV, France]: France in the Ottoman world: living at the French embassy during the seventeenth century

17.00 – Concluding remarks