Global Lowlands in the Early Modern Period (Providence, 4-5 Apr 14)

Brown University, Providence Rhode Island USA

April 4 – 05, 2014


« Global Lowlands in the Early Modern Period »

The program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at Brown University will be hosting a meeting from the evening of 4 April through 5 April, 2014, “The Global Lowlands in the Early Modern Period: A Conference on Dutch and Flemish History and Culture in a Worldwide Perspective.”
Presenters include Timothy Brook, Karel Davids, Anne Goldgar, Julie Hochstrasser, Dániel Margócsy, Mark Meuwese, Benjamin Schmidt, Claudia Swan, and Mariët Westermann, with final comments by Lissa Roberts.
Organized by Evelyn Lincoln, Jeffrey Muller, and Harold J. Cook; sponsorship includes Brown University, the Pembroke Center, History of Art and Architecture, History Department, the program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and the John Carter Brown Library.

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Friday, April 4

Session I:   5.00-6:30 pm

Karel Davids, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
« The Lowlands in the scholarly Atlantic in the Early Modern Period. »

Mariët Westermann, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
[« Dutch art in the Golden Age. »]

Reception: 6:30-7:30 pm

Saturday, April 5

Session II:   9-10.30 am

Claudia Swan, Northwestern University,
« Lost in Translation. Exoticism in Early Modern Holland. »

Dániel Margóscy, Hunter College,
« Commercial Visions: Global Trade and Scientific Debate c. 1700. »

Coffee: 10:30-11 am

Session III:  11-12.30 pm

Mark Meuwese, University of Winnipeg,
« Intention to exterminate: Massacres in the Making of the Dutch Empire,
1600-1750. »

Julie Hochstrasser, University of Iowa,
« Whose Baroque? Drawing and Human Experience among the Khoikhoi. »

Lunch: 12:30-2 pm

Session IV:  2-4 pm

Benjamin Schmidt, University of Washington
« Oriental Despots on Ornamental Desks:  On Dutch Geography, the
« Decorative » Arts, and the Production of the Exotic World. »

Anne Goldgar, King’s College, London
[« Dutch Arctic Exploration and Its Representation. »]

Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia
“Free Sea, Free Trade, Free-for-All.”

Comment by Lissa Roberts, University of Twente, and General Discussion:
4-5 pm

Closing Reception: 5-6 pm

Submitted by:
Prof. Harold J. Cook
Director of the Program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
John F. Nickoll Professor of History
Brown University
Providence RI 02912

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