Séminaire Exogenèses du 21 novembre 2013 : « The People of Calicut. Objects, Texts and Images in the Age of Proto-Ethnography »

Par Christian Feest


Séminaire Exogenèses du jeudi 21 novembre 2013. EHESS, salle 8, 105 bd Raspail 75006 Paris.


Prof. Christian FeestSome early sixteenth-century works by artists from southern Germany (Albrecht Dürer, Hans Burgkmair, Albrecht Altdorfer, Jörg Breu) representing the « people of Calicut » (which was then supposed to be accessible from Europe both in an eastward and westward direction) are explored in terms of their combination of images from South Asia and artifacts from Brazil. This is placed in the context of the methodologies developed during this period for collecting and processing data in the form of texts, images, and collections of material objects, which are considered to have been the antecedents of modern ethnography and anthropology.

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