APPEL A CONTRIBUTIONS : “Beyond Chinoiserie : Artistic Encounters between China and the West during the Late Qing Dynasty (c. 1795-1912)”

DATE: 30 – 31 octobre 2015
LIEU: South Orange, NJ, USA
DEADLINE: 15 mai 2015

Proposals are called for papers to be presented at a two-day workshop
entitled “Beyond Chinoiserie: Artistic Encounters between China and the
West during the Late Qing Dynasty (c. 1795-1912)” to be held on the
campus of Seton University in South Orange, NJ (USA) on October 30-31,

The workshop is intended to bring together an international group of
scholars working on artistic relations and exchanges between China and
the West (Europe and the US) during the greater nineteenth-century,
from the end of the Qianlong Emperor’s reign to the fall of the Qing

Participants are expected to present 30-minute working papers and
participate in panel debates and discussion sessions. Papers may be
focused on objects and sources or may address methodological issues.
Questions to be explored are suggested but not limited to:  
– How do we model the transition of eighteenth-century Chinoiserie to
the nineteenth-century engagement with Chinese art and visual culture,
and relatedly, of Chinese court attitudes towards Western art and
visual culture during the early Qing dynasty to mercantile outlooks
during the late Qing dynasty?
– What, if any, is the relation between Chinoiserie and Japonisme
– What did nineteenth-century collectors of Chinese artifacts collect
and what is the significance of the abundance of Chinese artifacts in
Western painting of the second half of the nineteenth century (e.g.
Stevens, Whistler, Tissot)?
– What Western art objects were available in China and what impact did
they have on art and visual culture production in China?
– Using China and the West as an example, what happens to cultural and
artistic exchanges in a politically hostile atmosphere?

We anticipate publication of the papers in either traditional or
electronic format (funds permitting).

Supported by a grant from the American Council of Learned Societies,
funded by the Chang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly
Exchange, the symposium is co-sponsored by the University of Sydney and
Seton Hall University. Its steering Committee is comprised of Petra
Chu, Seton Hall University, USA; Ya-chen Ma, National Tsing Hua
University, Taiwan; and Jennifer Milam, University of Sydney, Australia.

All presenters will receive hotel accommodation for up to three nights,
meals during the workshop and transportation between hotel and Seton
Hall. Limited funds are also available to assist with travel costs for
presenters on the basis of need. To apply for these funds, please
submit a brief budget and statement of need (1 page maximum) along with
your paper proposal and cv.

Those interested in presenting a paper at the symposium should send a
one-page (double-spaced) proposal accompanied by a one-page resume (in
one document) as an e-mail attachment to:

Important Dates:
Proposal deadline: May 15, 2015.  
Selected participants will be notified by June 30.
Final papers are due September 1, 2015.

Details about the workshop can be found on the website:

If you have specific questions please e-mail Petra Chu
( or Jennifer Milam (

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