Fellows Seminar IV

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015, 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Location: Villa I Tatti The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Via di Vincigliata 26, Gould Hall, 50135 Florence, Italy

• Lia Markey, Stradano’s Nova Reperta and the Renaissance Representation of Invention and Globalization

• Sean Roberts, Sabotage! Rivalry, Technology, and the Making of Renaissance Prints

• Gregorio Saldarriaga Escobar, A Botany of Discovery: American Fruit and European Knowledge in the West Indies, 16th-17th centuries

 Each year, the I Tatti (one year) Fellows present their work-in-progress, in the following format. We meet at the Gould Hall of the Loggiato at 2:30, hear the first (half hour) presentation, have a (half hour) discussion, then hear and discuss the second presentation. After a tea break, we hear and discuss the third presentation. All members of the public are welcome, but RSVP by sending an email to jnelson(@)itatti.harvard.edu; visitors, please indicate your full name, institutional affiliation (if you have one), and status (graduate student, professor, independent, etc.)

Forthcoming Seminars:

 5 February

• Lucio Biasiori, “A letter by the Master of the Hospitallers”: Prophecy and Politics from the 14th to the 18th century

• Dávid Falvay, The Meditationes Vitae Christi and its Influence on Fourteenth-century Italian Culture

• Cyril Gerbron, The Mineral Metamorphoses of Christ in Quattrocento Italian Painting

 Past Seminars:

 20 November

• Francesco Borghesi, “Concordia” in the Renaissance

• Alessandro Polcri, Il cittadino ideale: in difesa della magnificenza di Cosimo de’ Medici

• Dario Brancato, Benedetto Varchi’s Storia fiorentina and its Ideological Appropriations

11 December: Trouble in Paradise: Donne, corte e teatro nel dibattito letterario italiano nel tardo Rinascimento

• Francesco Lucioli, Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando furioso in Early Modern Italian Texts for and about Women

• Sarah Gwyneth Ross, L’umanesimo rappresentato nell’Italia della Controriforma. Letteratura, teatro e la famiglia Andreini.

• Paola Ugolini, The Court and Its Critics. Anti-Courtly Sentiment in Early Modern Italy

22 January

 Jessica Goethals, Setting the Siege of Florence in the Literary Imagination

• Joost Keizer, Leonardo da Vinci and the Work of Interpretation

• Laura Moretti, Nella stanza de suoni. Naming spaces in the houses of collectors and patrons of the arts in Cinquecento Italy

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