The Getty Research Institute and the Getty Villa invite proposals for the 2015–2016 academic year residential grants and fellowships

LIEU : Los Angeles, CA, USA
DATE LIMITE : Nov 3, 2014

The Getty Research Institute theme, “Art and Materiality,” aims to
explore how the art object and its materiality have enhanced the study
of art history. Scholars, working with conservators and scientists, are
gaining insight into the process of art making from raw material to
finished object, as well as the strategic deployment of materials both
for their aesthetic qualities and for their power to signify. The Getty
Research Institute seeks proposals from scholars and fellows on these
and other issues related to the materiality of art.

The Getty Villa theme, “The Classical World in Context: Egypt,” will
focus on relations between the cultures of the classical world and
Egypt from prehistory to the coming of Islam. Through trade, warfare,
diplomacy, and other methods of exchange, these civilizations had a
crucial, and often reciprocal, impact on cultural trajectories in both
spheres. Priority will be given to research projects that are
cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, utilizing a wide range of
archaeological, textual, anthropological, and other evidence.

The Getty Scholars Program strongly encourages recipients of this email
to share this information with colleagues.

Detailed application guidelines are available online at:
For more information about each theme please visit:

Please address inquiries to:
Phone: (310) 440-7374

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